Friday, September 17, 2004

Taking a ride in the musical time machine

Normally, I don't like to remember high school. It sucked. Bad years.

But the music...? The music from those years ranges from 'oh, lord; what was I thinking?' to 'that still rocks!'.

Here's a list of the songs from my senior year of high school...how many of these do I still love?

Well, I was singing along, with a smile on my face, to "High Enough" a few months ago, so that one's a keeper.

I had a thing for Roxette, and adore "Joyride".

Yep. Love "More Than Words".

Nelson! "After the Rain"!!! Caiomhe was just talking about them...

"Wicked Game"...I love you, Chris Isaak.

Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About"? Well, Bonnie's a musical role model. Of course I still love this one.

Ladies Love Cool James...oh, yes they do! "Around the Way Girl". LL, you are still a fine-looking (and oh, talented) man.

"Summertime", Will Smith. I can't help but feel Will Smith must be the coolest, nicest guy on the planet. I still can't believe his label dropped him...

I don't care. I still love "Shiny Happy People". So there.

Woo-hoo! "I Saw Red"!! Warrant...did a lot of cruising to the 'Cherry Pie' album.

"Disappear", INXS. You're missed, Michael.

Queensryche. "Silent Lucidity" Awesome tune.

(Are you getting that I listened to a lot of Hair Metal during those years? Good for you. You're quick.)

I STILL listen to Poison. "Something to Believe In". Makes me cry.

Seal's "Crazy". Good song.

I'm not saying I don't like the other songs...although frankly, for a good many of them it would be true (Mariah? Not a chance.). But these ones are still...listenable. (new word. accept it.)

So, how about you? How do the songs from your Senior Year hold up?

Idle Chatter:
And may I add that the songs from my senior year were way cooler than erin-go-blog's or my hubby's?
Joey McIntire and Jordan Knight (spelling right?) made a comeback my senior year. It took them a while, but in 1999, they sure did it!
She's right. 1992 was bad, bad, bad. :P
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