Monday, September 13, 2004

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Sure, the calender may say it's the thirteenth of September, but we all know what time it really is: Christmas shopping time.

How do we know this? Why, we know because of the increase in catalogs received in the mail, that's how.

Just today, I got catalogs from Colorful Images, Delia's (why?), Sur La Table, FAO Shwarz and Crate and Barrel.
And it's been like this since last week.

I got fed up with the early marketing push for holidays years ago. I don't want to think about Easter in January, or Valentine's the day after New Year's. And I most certainly don't want to worry about my Christmas shopping in September!

I mean...I have to focus on my all-time fav first: Halloween. Christmas will just have to wait it's turn...

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