Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Recently Viewed

With the rush to get the house in order behind us, Matt and I have been able to catch up on our recent Netflix arrivals.

In addition to Down with Love (I liked it so much, I added it to my Amazon.com Wish List), we saw the fantastically funny Shaolin Soccer; a film we'd seen previews for ages ago, but has only recently become available on DVD.

Oh, it's great. It's funny, and even someone like me who's never gotten into soccer (don't hate me) could appreciate the sport in context.

Realy good. And one of the guys in the film? He looks like (as we dubbed him) Bruce Lee's kid brother. He even does that 'bring it on' hand move that Lee was known for...

I realize not everyone digs Asian Kung fu flicks the way we do (just one of the many, many, reasons my hubby adores me so), but give it a try. It's a lot of fun.

The third film we watched was Laws of Attraction; a rather disappointing movie.
Now, I say 'disappointing' because it started out well. It was interesting. But then...somewhere in the middle...the writer apparently quit worrying about the plot, and let his/her pet monkey come up with an ending.
So, so sad.
As Matt pointed out, the performances were just fine. Brosnan was delightful, Moore played uptight and flustered for all it's worth. And hey...Parker Posey, in a film NOT shown only at Indie theaters? Worth the viewing. I just wish...the original direction could have been followed to the end, instead of the mess we ended up with.

But, for me at least, it wasn't a complete waste of time...there were the gorgeous shots of Ireland (mostly around the outskirts of Dublin...Brosnan was co-executive producer), and of course...Pierce Brosnan! Brosnan without a shirt...oh, shut up. I'm human.

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