Monday, September 06, 2004

Look At My Big Boy!

We just got back from having Alex's eighteen-month pictures taken (yes, it's a week early, but it's nice to do it when Matt doesn't have to rush home from work).

Poor Alex. As if he knew, he picked today to skip his nap. Two hours, in his crib, Not Sleeping.

And there was some suffering because of it.

We show up at the portrait studio, and Alex is in a daze. We've just come from Stride Rite (he's outgrown his other shoes), and Godiva Chocolates (to that I say...Mmmmm...). His cheeks? Please believe that I do not apply blush to my child's face...he was so tired, and so...shy.

Not typical Alex behavior.

It took some doing (lots of running to Mommy for hugs and reassurance), but we got our shots.

Tell me what you think:

And yes...he is getting big!

Idle Chatter:
They do grow fast, don't they? That's a good looking boy y'all have there. Great photos.

Thank you!!!!
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