Thursday, September 16, 2004

God Bless the Methodists

alternatively titled, Bargain Shopping at it's Best

Last Friday, we got a call from our friend/puppy trainer, Tina. We were finalizing dates and times for a play date for her daughter, Madison, and Alex.

She also wanted to let us know about a huge infant-kids clothing and related-items sale being held at a nearby church.

It just happens that Matt and I were talking about hitting one of the many children's resale shops soon anyway, as Alex has more-than outgrown his cold-weather clothing.

So, we dragged ourselves out the door at a much-too early hour ('cause we never leave the house before noon on a weekend), waking Alex to do so, and went looking for the church.

We found it just fine. Enormous church. The big Catholic churches at home have nothing on this place.
Funny thing was, it was empty. Nary a car in sight.

So, we pull out, and as we're passing the entrance (this church is so big, the entrance and exit are something like half a mile apart!), we see two cars pulling in. So, we find a place to turn around, go back...and nothing.

As we're leaving the second time, Matt looks across the highway and sees...a packed parking lot. And realizes...this is where we're supposed to be!

This big Methodist church? Has it's own shopping center!

There's a bookstore, a convention area, a rec center (where the sale was held), a coffee shop (Sacred Grounds...ouch), and who knows what else. It was, and again I use the word, enormous.

Once we got inside...wow. Not quite as big as my high school gym, but certainly larger than the auxiliary gym where I was forced to learn square dance for four years; this was a big room.
And while full of clothes, books, shoes, toys and the like, it was extraordinarily well organized.

Racks of clothes, according to size and gender. It was so easy to shop!

We worked our way through a full rack of Alex-sized clothing, and when finished, had between 25-30 outfits.
We're talking full sets (top and bottoms), onesies, you name it.

And what made this even more amazing? The prices. I was getting brand- and designer-name clothing for anywhere from $1.00-$8.00. We got Gap, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger...everything was in great condition (no stains or tears), and very high quality.

We ended up spending $80.00 on the clothes (including an outfit for Madison, and one for Elizabeth's unborn); retail? It would have cost us about $300.00.

Thank you, Methodist parishioners. You saved us a lot of time and money...and shopping.

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