Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Update on Cole

Brenda just called...she wasn't sure I'd been told about Cole's stroke.

As of right now, he's doing well.

He's had his MRI, and there are definite signs of damage.

However, the MRI and the baby aren't matching up.

All the areas that should have been touched by the stroke (vision, hearing, facial expressions) are exactly as they should be for a week-old baby.

Brenda said he's doing really, really well. They're unhooking all the machines and wires today, and allowing Cole to just sleep in a crib (as opposed to an incubator) like a regular baby.

And as long as nothing goes wrong between now and then, he will be discharged Friday.

There's still no way to know if he'll have problems; they'll be following up with a specialist, and really paying attention to developmental milestones.

The odds are really good that this is just a one-time thing, and Cole can have, can live, a normal life.

And if there are developmental problems, she's hopeful they can work with and overcome them.

She and Kirk want me to thank everyone who's had them in their prayers, and asks that you continue to do so.
Cole isn't out of the woods yet, so keep the little guy on your list.

Thanks, everybody. I have great friends and readers.

Idle Chatter:
i'm keeping my fingers crossed for cole. i swear, i got tears when i read the earlier post. what a horrible thing to happen to a baby. from what i remember from neuro classes, the young brain is really adaptable. i think they call it plasticity. if there's damage in one part of the brain, there's an excellent chance that other parts of the brain can make up for it. please update us soon.
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