Sunday, August 22, 2004


I got this message from Brenda today.

Let me just say, right now, that I only reported what I had been told; if there was misinformation, it wasn't intentional.

Just finally getting around to checking my email and your blog...and noticed a HUGE error in information being passed on your blog...not sure if Mom misinformed, or you misunderstood in all of the chaos of the news, but.....Cole did NOT have notable weakness on one side.....EVER...that was the strange part...he had a seizure on one side of his body, but has the same motor presentation as he always has had since birth, 4/4 strength all extremities. Also, Cole's stroke occured the day before or on the day of his birth, probably within my uterus, as best they could tell....he did NOT have it on the way to the nursery on Saturday early morning. The stroke caused the seizures, and we were actually almost lucky that they happened...in alot of infants/newborns who have strokes, parents never know until 4-6 months that anything is wrong..we at least have a heads-up and can get hooked up with the right folks early on......neurologist says to hold off on getting too excited just yet, we may be pleasantly surprised!
Soo.....just being a stickler for accurate information, and in the interest of appropriate prayers, please update your blog to indicate the error correction!
He's fine and has been, except for the seizures which are under control with phenobarbitol administered once a day. We are having a wonderful time at home, and really enjoying having our little boy with us 24 hours a day! What a treat! That is a blessing in itself! So our prayer is that Cole had no effects from the stroke show up later in development (most take 4-6 months before you notice something being a little "off", and if he must have something, have it be mild enough that he, and his folks can deal with it! Praise God for a beautiful baby boy and a wonderful homecoming, and wonderful friends to worry and pray for our little angel!
Thanks for your love and support,

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