Wednesday, August 11, 2004

This is my lucky day

So, I'm listening to a fab CD; Ultra-Lounge Vegas Baby!....right now, Mel Torme singing "Games People Play", and it's Good.

In a galaxy far, far away...oops! I mean, some day, in the future, Matt and I will be turning our mostly empty upstairs into an office, library, guest room and lounge.

Each room has a bit of theme...the office will be 'Old World' (a great way for us to use and display our many, nifty things), the library...well, will look like a library, the guest room will be heavily Asian-influenced, and the lounge? The lounge area, which we intend to use for listening to vinyl records and relaxing with a good book? Why, that lounge will be a very hip, swingin' Fifties room!

Imagine a bachelor pad, from that era....very chic.

So, I'm listening to the CD, and I am so getting in the mood....Dean, Frank, Wayne Netwon, Peggy Lee, Louis Prima; does it get much better?

Apparently, it Does!!

Because I just discovered the Ultra-Lounge web site!!!!!!

The music collection is huge; and you can buy cool Ultra-Lounge stuff...and for the drinkers out there (someone has a birthday coming up...not me, mine's a month away), you can even get the recipes for some classic drinks!

Too, too cool.

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