Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Suspicious Minds

Fortunately, I'm not much of an Elvis fan, so there's little chance of the song being stuck in my head.

You, on the other hand...good luck.

I'd mentioned in the past that I'm more than a bit jittery...I worry about both my own safety and that of my family.

That said, I'm not an overly-suspicious person. At least, I don't think I am.

But, when your gut is telling you that something is just not right, you have to go with it.

Over the weekend, a man knocked on our front door.

This, in itself, was rather remarkable, as we never get visitors.

Matt answered the door, and the man said he was looking for his lost cat.

Of course I'm interested, because hey-lost animal.

He says he used to live not far from us (a street over), and now 'they' bought a place on the other side of that street. He shows us a picture of a grey and white striped cat.

I ask how long the cat's been missing.

"Well, we moved out last November...and now we're in the new place..."

So...you're telling me these people have been missing their pet for almost a year, and they're only NOW getting around to looking for it?

Sounds just a bit strange to me.

I tell the guy that I have, in fact, seen a cat with similar markings using the side of our porch as a thruway from time to time, though I've never gotten a really close look at it. It could be a completely different cat.

I then ask what his house number is.

"Um...uh, 42."

Ok, I can see you not recalling your telephone number on the spot (ehem, this is something I'm terribly guilty of; but I don't call my house!), but not knowing your house number?

Increasingly odd.

I say that if we find the cat, we'll hang on to it until we can bring it down to them.

He then says that, no...don't worry about that. Just, uh, hang on to it.

Just hang on to it? And how exactly will they know we have their cat if we don't contact them?

He thanks us and goes away.

And I'm left thinking...

Pedophiles often use the 'my pet is lost, will you help me find it' line to persuade small children to go off with them.

Who's to say that this guy wasn't using the lost cat story as a means to survey the interior of our house? A unique way for a burglar to see if there's anything worth taking?

I mean, his story was less than credible. When I asked for specifics, you could see him scramble for answers

So, just in case the 'Protected by Brinks' sign and stickers posted around the house aren't enough, I've now taken to turning the security alarm on while I'm here during the day.

Maybe it's all harmless, maybe I'm over-reacting.

But that inner voice keeps telling me to be careful...

Idle Chatter:
FYI, there's a length of pipe about three feet long in the laundry room. I think it's between the two sets of shelves or between the shelves and the wall. Very heavy. Very hard.

Strange suggestion, but why not call the "Boys in Blue" to see if this is happening in other sections of town? Could very well be someone who is stalking neighborhoods looking for an easy mark. It's always better to be safe, than sorry.

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