Thursday, August 12, 2004

See how fast I can pack

From MSNBC's Travel section:

As summer wanes in Ireland, so do high airfares to the Emerald Isle

It’s blarney, for darn bloody sure: Anyone who’s waited too long to book or is forced to (or wants to) fly in peak summer months to Ireland knows how hard it can be to find decently priced tickets to the fair isle. In fact, we’ve seen summer airfares reach as high as $900. Thankfully, once in a while there’s a seasonal sale that bring prices down to reasonable range. Now is one of those times.

Aer Lingus has a last-minute offer on airfares to Ireland good for midweek departures between Aug. 15-31, and all returns must be made by Sept. 15. Tickets are $238 each way ($498 round-trip) from BWI, the airport servicing Baltimore/Washington, D.C., and $268 each way from Chicago. Calculate $20 more to leave on a Saturday or Sunday. With the Irish airline’s offer you can choose whether you want to fly into Shannon or the capital city of Dublin, but be sure to book by Aug. 16.

They’re more expensive, but Virgin Atlantic has tickets from the above-mentioned gateways to Dublin from Baltimore/D.C. for $560 round-trip, and US Airways has $593 round-trip fares to Shannon. Chicagoans will find runner-up fares of $593 to Dublin and $650 to Shannon, also on US Airways.

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