Sunday, August 22, 2004

Missing Person Report

How do you lose someone?

I realized that I have lost a friend.

I don't mean that she's died (oh, goodness; I hope not!)...but rather, that I can't find her. Anywhere.

I met Sharon in college; our dorm rooms were next to each other.

Our second year, Sharon didn't come back: her father accepted a teaching position at (I believe) Clearwater Christian College in Florida.
And free tuition? In sunny Florida? Yeah, I'd figure it was worth making a new batch of friends, too.

But, we kept in touch, as best we could. We'd write, send cards, telephone once in a while.

Sharon met a guy, they married shortly after she graduated. (Couldn't make it to the wedding because...media job in NW PA? Barely made enough money to survive. Can I get a witness ?) She got pregnant, had a baby. Not long after (oops!) she had another.
A year or two later, there was a third child.

David, who is some kind of airplane guy, got a job in Georgia. So, they all moved. And we kept in touch. As best we could. She was a mom of three, and I was just...busy. Usually through the occasional email or phone call, or Christmas cards with family photos.


Last I heard from Sharon, she had sent a gift after Alex was born. I thanked her.

After that...I realized I was getting the usual holiday mail from her. I sent a couple of letters and cards. Never heard back, but chalked it up to 'busy mom'. The letters didn't come back, though...
Finally, I tried to call her. All I got was a 'this number no longer exists' message. I thought that was kind of odd. So, I tried calling her Mom and Dad, in Florida. I got the same recoded message.

And now? I have no idea where she is.

How in the world do you lose someone like this?

Anyone else find that a friend has just dropped off the face of the Earth?

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