Friday, August 27, 2004

Just what was it about him?

I will admit it; I couldn't have named a single thing J. T. Walsh has been in. Did you know he was in "Good Morning, Vietnam"? How about "A Few Good Men"?

Nope; me neither.

But if you had shown me a picture of J.T. Walsh,

well then...I would have said "Hey, it's that guy!" (to borrow from Fametracker).

(Here's a hint: he often played a bad guy.)

Salon.com has a whole, four-page article about Walsh; the man as an actor, as a man...

For me, I'm still not sure I 'get' it. But apparently, a whole lot of other people do. Fametracker even dedicates it's Hey! It's That Guy! section to Walsh.

Read for yourself. Then tell me: what is it about this guy?

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