Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I've been noticed

So, about a month ago I sent an email to the editor of Food and Wine; they had asked readers about gardens: did they have one, what kind, and so on.

So, I sent a short message about our garden (can you tell I'm excited to have one? I grew up with my grandparent's garden, and it was wonderful. There are fewer pleasures greater than eating tender sweet peas right out off the plant!), and this morning I found the following message in my email:

HI there...

Thanks for the email...and thanks, too, for mentioning the Bacon of the Month
club in your blog. I am it's number one fan. I LOVE bacon, and the bacons Dan
Philips finds are just incredible.

Best, Dana

The editor of Food and Wine has read my blog!!! How weird is that?

The irony, of course, is that I would never, ever, join the Bacon of the Month club...not unless they have a vegetarian version!

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