Sunday, August 15, 2004

It's a cruel season that makes you get ready for bed while it's light out. ~Calvin

Maybe that's his problem.

Granted, it's been some time since I was his age (oh my, has it ever! Not that I'd want to go back...be a child again? A world of no.), but I can't understand why Alex is so vehemently opposed to sleeping.

Now, I've always had difficulty falling asleep. Used to take me hours to drift off, only to wake every few hours.

***I'm happy to report that since I got pregnant and had Alex, sleep comes much easier, and I'm able to-for the first time in my life-to stay that way for several hours. Must have something to do with the exhaustion of growing, and then caring for, a baby!***

Alex? Oh, how he hates it.

I know children are less-than eager to head off to bed at night, but he is just awful (yes, I'm talking about my perfect son).
He's eager to brush his teeth, is good during diaper changes as well as getting into his pajamas, loves 'reading' his books...and will freely give goodnight hugs and kisses.
However...as soon as he's put into bed, he wails.

Such horrible screams you've never heard. Breaks a mommy's heart, it does.

And Matt and I just can't understand it.

Usually, he's asleep within five to ten minutes. Just out. Sudden silence (for the mom's out there, you will no doubt identify that abrupt quietness as a 'well, he's either asleep or dead' moment).

Now, the two of us? Oh, sleep...glorious sleep. Some of us (who's names begin with Smatt) are known for (occasionally) not getting out of bed unless shoved out on non-work days.
Being in bed, relaxing, cuddling (I have hubby and two snuggly dogs)...and then just SLEEPING? Heavenly.

A good night's sleep is akin to a fabulous meal (like Fleur de Lys or Dromoland Castle), or a night of great sex (like...hey! None of your business...).
To pass it up (as I'm doing right this minute, typing) is craziness.

Once Alex is asleep, he'll sleep for twelve hours straight. And it's wonderful. But getting him to that point? Almost painful.

And forget naps. We're lucky to get three naps in a week...and when the circles under his eyes are reaching his cheeks and he's bouncing off the puppies from tiredness, I do rather miss the old, twice-daily, naps.

Why do kids do that???

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