Monday, August 16, 2004

I need your help

My friend, Brenda, gave birth last week, to Cole.

I got a telephone call from her mother a few minutes ago...Cole had a stroke.

I don't have all the information (Sandi sounded understandably stressed and tired on the phone), but what I do know is this:

The baby was seizing...when being taken to the nursery for a check-up, he had a stroke.

Cole can hear and see (as well as any less-than-a-week old baby can), but there is some noticeable weakness on one side.

He's on a couple of drugs right now (don't ask me for their names), and is going through a battery of tests today.
Best case scenario? This is a one-time event, and he'll be fine.

But...there's always the chance he'll suffer some sort of damage, and be on those drugs for the rest of his life.

As Sandi said, he just happened to be born to the best possible mom for this situation: Brenda is a Physical Therapist, with a speciality working with stroke victims.

This is all I know right now, and it's enough...I can't stop crying, worrying about that poor little baby.

Regardless of your own faith or personal beliefs, would you please say a little prayer for Brenda, Kirk and Cole (and the rest of their families)? I know they'd appreciate it...and so would I.

I'll let you know if/when I hear anything new.

Idle Chatter:
done...my thoughts and prayers are with all of them.
Many prayers from Texas.
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