Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"I like my evil like I like my men- evil."-Buffy, in Pangs

I suppose I'm the same way.

I mean, I want my bad guys to be bad.

Which is why I have a really hard time watching an actor I like play a baddie.

I don't want to see Martin Sheen being evil. I don't want to watch Viggo as the bad guy.
The problem with that is, they're really, really good at being bad!

And I completely understand the desire to play a bad guy on screen...I think every one of us wants to be a little bad, now and then.
Not the murdering, the FBI is after me kind of bad, but a little naughty. A stroll on the dark side; we're just visiting, understand?

MSN Entertainment has an article about actors who surprised us as villians, as well as those stars who were meant to be bad.

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