Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The clock is ticking

If I seem to be particularly post-y these last few days, it's because I'm attempting to reach my 100,000 word goal before midnight.

That's right, I started blogging two years ago today.

Two years ago? I was still living in Oakland. I was just a couple of months pregnant. (I was a bit smaller...!)

I was eating a lot of really good sushi. I was shopping at fabulous specialty markets. (Can't find Smoked Rambol anywhere around here)

I was blessed with a moderate climate...sunshine, but not extreme heat. No humidity.

And I had a wicked view of the Bay bridge from our balcony...and sunsets that would take your breath away.

I may not have been rolling in puppies-happy while living in California, but it wasn't bad. And I do miss it.

Each post gets me a little closer to my goal...here's another 100+ words!

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