Monday, August 09, 2004

Chocolat and Chocolate

I read Chocolat yesterday; it was definitely a sit yourself down and finish it now kind of book!

Oh, just lovely. A lovely book. I fell in love with the film (some may argue that it's impossible to love an object, but I disagree...that film warmed my heart), and the book? The book was staggeringly beautiful...full of descriptions; not only of the chocolate-making, but clothes, scenery, everything.

Parts of the story, I discovered, were changed for the film...but it didn't make much of difference. It was still a lovely book, and destined to become one of my favorites.

And since I need something new to read, and because I won't actually go out and buy myself something yummy to eat, and because (this is a run-on, I know) I have chocolate on the brain, my next reading project is Chocolate for a Woman's Soul, a book I've had for a couple of years, but haven't gotten around to reading.

Looks good...mmmm; chocolate!

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