Wednesday, August 04, 2004

An action-packed evening

Or, Michelle Yeoh is my hero.

We have a couple of our Netflix DVD's lying around, so an effort is being made to sit down and watch a movie now and again.

Matt made stir-fry for dinner (that's his baby; he's good at it, and I don't mind giving up the chance to stand in front of a hot stove, not to mention all the prep work involved); Kung Pao chicken for him, and a slightly unorthodox sweet and sour (fake) chicken for me.

And what goes better with stir-fry? As Matt says, serve with a Hong Kong action film.

So, we sat down with our dinner (bad, I know...but our dining table has been overrun with boxes and things) and watched the Michelle Yeoh vehicle Supercop 2.

While a bit weak on plot, it was a perfect for admiring how fabulous Yeoh is.

She is amazing. I mean, I knew her from Tomorrow Never Dies, as a pretty darn good foil for Bond.
I then saw her in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a film who's beauty and grace, in my humble opinion, has yet to be matched.

Since then, Matt and I have seen a few more Yeoh films, and I'll tell you this: if I had a daughter, I'd make sure her room had a life-size poster of Michelle Yeoh hanging in it somewhere.
The woman is amazing. Good person, strong woman, and kick-butt kung fu star.

She'd make one heck of a role model.

Oh, why not: she can be mine.

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