Tuesday, July 20, 2004

She started it...

Erin is doing the 'stuff about me' list, and I thought...sure, I could do that. Jen is doing it. Why shouldn't I?

So, my scattered friends and readers, here is my attempt to enlighten you. Concerning me.

But, I thought I'd count backwards, just to be different.

One Hundred Things About Me

100. I can play the Indigo Girls song Blood and Fire on my acoustic guitar. (Thanks, Mark!)

99. I hate mushrooms.

98. My first pet was a beagle named Buttercup.

97. My 'porn name' would be Buttercup Queens.

96. My wedding ceremony borrowed from the wedding scene in The Princess Bride.

95. I have a tatoo. Not tellin' where.

94. I haven't any piercings.

93. I love rollercoasters.

92. I am not afraid of color.

91. I have friends, that I've known for 25 years.

90. I love wildflowers.

89. I know more about computers and technology than I could ever have imagined I would.

88. I met my husband by way of a seven-day, free, trial membership to an on-line dating service.

87. I was a 'radio personality'. And a darn good one, at that.

86. I own three working record players.

85. I have a lot of records, but am always looking for more.

84. I know published authors. Four of them, really.

83. I read Bram Stoker's Dracula when I was seven.

82. I have read Helter Skelter twenty times.

81. There are relatives I haven't seen since my grandmother's funeral, almost seventeen years ago.

80. I am scared silly by spiders.

79. Getting mail, both through the USPS and e-mail, makes me positively giddy.

78. Halloweeen is my favorite holiday.

77. I married a good man.

76. My surviving grandfather may be the most interesting person I've ever met.

75. I can belly dance.

74. I talk to trees.

73. I love Christmas music.

72. I still read the funny papers.

71. I don't find Brad Pitt attractive.

70. I have a poor body image.

69. I have created the best chocolate chip cookie recipe.

68. I don't like dumb, or gross-out, humor.

67. My ex-boyfriend (the Ex-Boyfriend) was one month younger than my Mom.

66. I once canoodled with an English boy!

65. I will always find men with English, Scottish and Irish accents sexy.

64. Geeks think I'm sexy.

63. I'm a James Bond fan.

62. I love ice tea.

61. I saw B.B. King live. (Erin was there, too!)

60. I think Jackson Browne is a hottie.

59. I like Seventies dance music.

58. I sing, and haven't had any serious complaints. Yet.

57. I sang in the weddings of two different friends.

56. I've been a bridesmaid twice.

55. I've been a flowergirl once.

54. I ran track in high school.

53. I was also a photographer for the yearbook.

52. My first kiss didn't happen till I was 23.

51. I love cooking and baking for people.

50. My idea of a good time is hanging out with a few close friends, and gabbing the night away.

49. I can ride a horse.

48. I've been a vegetarian for eight and a half years.

47. I don't like to drive.

46. I Hate to fly.

45. I can wear any color. Even orange. Not that I would...

44. I'm a baseball fan(atic).

43. I, too, love the Pittsburgh Pirates. It must be the way we're raised...

42. I also love the Steelers.

41. I don't care for basketball.

40. I played a short season of basketball in middle school; we were the 'Ladies of the Eighties'...I remembered thinking 'what will they do for the nineties? Nothing rhymes!'

39. I don't like fruit IN things.

38. I love sushi.

37. I don't eat fish.

36. I think grocery shopping is fun.

35. I prefer my veggies uncooked.

34. I like salty more than sweet.

33. I've never been to the New England area, but I hope to get there soon...

32. I love elephants.

31. I think The Nanny is a funny show.

30. I don't drink alcohol.

29. Zombies scare the crap out of me.

28. I think Cary Grant is the sexiest man, ever.

27. I think David Letterman is funnier than Jay Leno.

26. I still love Scooby Doo.

25. I read sci/fi and fantasy novels.

24. I know a lot more about World War II and the various attrocities committed by the Nazis than you would think I did.

23. I an Distantly related to a Nazi war criminal, Albert Speer.

22. I have Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea on VHS.

21. I have all the Anne books. I'm such a girl.

20. I'm a cosmetics junkie.

19. I will only eat onion rings if the onions are minced, not if they're whole rings.

18. I can't do cartwheels.

17. I make a yummy comfort food I call 'Sludge'.

16. I have small hands.

15. I hate microwaved popcorn.

14. I find a man's mouth the most attractive part of his face.

13. I love to hear my son laughing.

12. I love rainy days, especially when it thunders.

11. I have silver hairs on my head.

10. I'm right-handed.

9. I hate plucking my eyebrows.

8. I love Swedish Fish.

7. I eat a lot of bagels.

6. My ex-boyfriend was verbally and emotionally abusive. That's why he's my ex.

5. I want more friends.

4. I'd like to travel along the coast of Italy.

3. I have a good smile.

2. I've always wanted to be two inches taller.

1. I wear a lot of shoes with thick heels.

Holy crap. I did it.

Idle Chatter:
Holy crap, girl...I'm impressed. ;)
Honestly? So am I!
> My surviving grandfather may be the most interesting person I've ever met.

He may very well be the most interesting person I've ever met as well.

Further annotations:

96: ...but without the silly voice. Took the audience a moment to catch on.

87: This is Gospel.

77: Feh. Bah. Harumph. Etc.

70: Few women don't.

69: See #87.

58: I like it. So does Alex. He looks at my parents funny when they try.

38: ...and you're due for some. On the list for the weekend, I think.

4: Ireland, then on to Italy?

My new friend kicks blog ass! : )
thanks for sharing, stephanie.
64. Geeks think I'm sexy.

63. I'm a James Bond fan.

yeah! i really enjoyed reading this. i don't think i could rack off that much. lol. ace, stephanie :D
77. I married a good man.

well, someone's lucky! muahahaha. : P

serious, what a great list.

ok, i'm really leaving now. lol
Well, hey...thanks! I impressed myself, getting it all done in one sitting.
Did you ever find a recipe for a seven layer caramel cake? I am in the mood to make one too. dcemery@aol.com thanks christine
Chistine, I haven't, sorry!

I'm still looking, so if anyone has it...?!
I don't like sweets. I don't eat cake, pies, etc. I prefer a nice thick beer or seconds for dessert. so # 8 rocks!

And "would not wear orange" ha ha ha ha ha I love it! I bet 90% of folks didn't get that, at least the ones outside of Knoxville.

Hope you are having a good trip.
Chris, I often feel as though I'm surrounded by a massive road crew, with all that orange!
That was awesome - and, we have an awful lot in common. I really had to laugh. Nice work. I don't know if I could do this or not.
Phemom; thanks!

And I realize this list is over four years old...maybe I should update?
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