Friday, August 27, 2010

You Know You Want To

Read comics in public, that is.

Tomorrow is The First Annual International Read Comics in Public Day, created by the folks at The Daily Cross Hatch.

Pretty simple concept. Reading comics is not something to (only) do huddled in a corner of your house or apartment. No, comics are literature. A comic book is the work of creativity, of art. Writers, artists, letterers, inkers, all this takes talent.

Granted, not every comic book presents some earth-shattering story, but comics address politics, race, sexuality, family dynamics...everything you see on the evening news.

They're topical & relevant. So what if the stories being told happen to involve people with powers or abilities? Or who dress in...brightly colored spandex?

Comics are books. They can be thought-provoking. They can be entertaining. They are discussed, debated & defended with as much passion as current US policy.

And I read them.

Tomorrow, I will be reading a comic book while out shopping & running errands. In fact, Matt & Alex will be doing this as well. We'll be taking pictures of this.

And that picture of me, reading a comic, will be shared with DC Women Kicking Ass & a tumblr created just for the event.

So Saturday, go ...somewhere. Anywhere. Bring a comic, & a camera, with you. Take a picture. Share with the world that comics are awesome. I'll see you out there.

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