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I'll be playing along, even if I am an old fuddy-duddy & not using Tumblr.

30 Day DC Meme

Day 22: Guilty pleasure character?: (still thinking about this one)

Day 21: Favorite DCU Event? Honestly? I have no idea. Can I get back to you on this one?

Day 20: DC Storyline/Book you could read over and over again?: Zatanna: Everyday Magic. Identity Crisis. The Gail Simone Birds of Prey run. Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood. No Man's Land.

Day 19: Character you used to hate/dislike, but now you don’t?: Easy. Catwoman & Poison Ivy.

I can't explain why I didn't like them. I just knew I didn't. But then I started reading more comics, & while I'd never list either as a favorite character, I find I'm more sympathetic to each of them.

Day 18: Best Butt?; Oh, geez. This one stumped me. I know the easy answer is Nightwing or Catman. But...no. I'm picking someone else.

Blue Devil, aka Dan Cassidy.

Obviously, Zee didn't have a problem with his behind.

Of course, no one said it had to just be a male's backside.

The Huntress, Helena Bertinelli.

Day 17: Favorite legacy hero (Hero that took on a previous hero’s ID): Well...duh.

Zatanna Zatara, daughter of Silver Age hero Giovanni "John" Zatara.

Magic runs in the family, as does the tux & top hat.

John was a hero, a member of the All-Star Squadron, & died saving the world.

His daughter's not doing too shabby a job, either.

Day 16: Favorite lantern corps? I...uh. Don't have one? I didn't really follow along with all the Lantern stuff. Sorry. I guess the Green ones?

Day 15: Character that should have their own movie? Hmm...Booster Gold, maybe. He's far more complex than people think, & charismatic & funny enough to entertain the masses.

Day 14: Favorite writer(s): Oy. Again with the tough questions.

.... Mark Waid, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Neil Gaiman, Geoff Johns. I just enjoy the stories. Sure, I like some things specifically because someone wrote it, but I guess I don't chase down everything written by someone simply because it's so-and-so.

Day 13: Favorite artist(s): Alex Ross, Dustin Nguyen, Joe Bennet...I just don't know!

Day 12: DC Location You’d Most Like to Visit?: 'd have to say either Atlantis or Themyscira.


Underwater city. Nation of Amazons. Places of myth & legend. What, you need more?

Day 11: Favorite Elseworlds/Multiverse?: Kingdom Come. This is also the comic book that got me into comics.

A scary, potential future for our heroes. Great dialogue, gorgeous art. It's one of my favorites, period.

Day 10: Most cracktastic moment: Another easy one. From Seven Soldiers of Victory, & yes, it's another Zee-moment.

Having fought a truly epic battle against Zor (& relocating her mislaid self-esteem, which is tied to her magical abilities), Zatanna realizes she's not alone. That there are people watching her...& knowing that this was just one part of a war coming, an invasion that she can't stop on her own, she tries to summon help. By REACHING OUT TO THE READER. She didn't just break the fourth wall, she ends up stepping through & getting to know the people living on the other side.

It's a complicated book, Seven Soldiers, & not easily explained here. But this moment was truly fantastic. And for me, one I'll never forget.

Day 9: Least favorite male characterr: Now this? This was easy. Without hesitation I give you Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathan Crane.

My extreme hatred for this character stems from equally violent feelings toward anyone who harms or terrorizes others for their own amusement. It's bullying on a grand scale.

And I hate bullies.

So your home life wasn't ideal, Crane? Suck it up. No one had a Norman Rockwell childhood. That doesn't give you the right to literally scare innocent people to death.

So...yeah. Really don't like the guy. At all.

Day 8: Least favorite female character: Sorry. But I just can't do this one. I tried. I held off writing this entry, trying to think of one. (Now, if it were a Marvel meme it'd take me two seconds to type 'Emma Frost' in that space...)

But no matter how much thinking & searching I've done, I can't come up with one. And for that I blame the writers.

Because characters I used to not like, or even hate, have been shown in a new light. I find myself understanding them, or feeling some small sympathies for them. Dammit.

Sure, I don't care for Livewire or Silver Banshee, but that might just be the result of parenting a happy, healthy, rambunctious child & craving peace & quiet!

I ran through villains & heroes, but couldn't think of anyone so disliked they deserved a mention.

Maybe it'll come to me later. I reserve the right to edit as I go!

Day 7: Favorite Team/Corps/Family: Shadowpact.

Ok, I know what you're thinking right about now. "Not the Batfamily? What about the Justice League?!" True, Batman & Nightwing & the rest of the clan...love them. I do. And I'm such a fan of the JLA. That I'll read anything about the Birds of Prey is a given. I'd say the Green Lantern Corps could even be a reasonable guess for my 'favorite' team or group.

But see, the above? All the beautiful people. The popular kids.

I, on the other hand, was not one of those kids.

The members of the Shadowpact are all thought to be a little (or in some cases, very) weird. Strange, creepy, & so on. They're not all perfect specimens of the male or female form

I like them because they're different, because they're the outcasts the big names turn to when things get too freaky & your basic Punch, Toss Into a Wall, Intimidate approach doesn't work.

And it's up to a loosely-formed team of a man-turned-demon, a taking primate, a former villain currently operating as a mostly-hero, a refugee from a land of shadows, the protector/punisher of evil-doers for the Jewish population, & a former angel from Heaven to save the day: Blue Devil, Detective Chimp, Enchantress, Nightshade, Ragman & Zauriel (with occasion assistance from Zatanna & Phantom Stranger).

And they meet at a bar that exists in its own pocket dimension. It's the secret hang-out the rest of the mainstream capes can't access!

They're weird, yes. But that's what sets them apart from any number of brute-force heroes out there. They get the job done because they're different.

Day 6: Power or Ability You’d Like to Steal: Ha. Easy one. One small-ish child & five dogs means travel is next to impossible. So while flying would save on airline hassles, enhanced strength would mean I could carry those giant bags of dog food with one hand...give me teleportation.

The power to get from my couch to the home of any one of my many friends I never get to see these days? Perfect.

Day 5: Favorite rogues gallery: Tough question. There aren't too many organized groups of villains, & I don't like most of Batman's bad guys. Plus, I knew Shelley would take Flash's Rogues!

After some thought, it was obvious I'd be crossing into the supernatural again.

And while they're not labeled with some catchy title, the forces of Hell are pretty darn formidable.

Right, I know. I'm supposed to be talking about my favorites. It's true, they are. The rulers of Hell, their servants & agents & slaves tend to be smarter than your average bank-robbing, 'I'll make you pay!' guy in a colorful costume.

No, they're busy controlling the various regions of Hell, in addition to plotting ways to take over our world.

Powerful, clever, charming, revolting, beautiful, hideous, & completely lacking morals or souls. That's not an easy thing to go up against.

I don't root for them, or feel sympathy or 'understand their point of view'. These are BAD GUYS. The worst of the worst. But the battles, sometimes only a battle of wills, are always entertaining.

Day 4: Character you would bring back from the dead: Hmm. Once again, I have two (technically three) for this.

Big Barda & Mr. Miracle (Scott Free). A former Female Furie & the 'favorite' of Granny Goodness. All couples have to overcome some obstacles in their relationships, but these two had to deal with Darkseid!
They were fun & interesting. And so very unexpected.
Eventually settling in the suburbs, they were one of the best & most loving pairings in the DC universe. So of course, they had to die.
(alright, they've been seen alive since but not a thing's been done with them. So...bring 'em back.)

Second choice: The Question

Vic Sage. Investigative reporter & vigilante. Loner. Paranoid. Crackpot. Conspiracy theorist. He was called a lot of things. But he was also the second-best detective after Batman, & he fought for the same things all the Metas did. Just in his own way. He spoke out against corruption, tried to clean up Hub City & had a strong sense of justice.
He was interesting & annoyed the caped crowd & so, of course, he was given cancer. Died.
The mantle was taken up by another, but it looks like even she is being written out (at least for the time being).
Once again, bring 'im back.

Day 3: Favorite Friendship: Zatanna Zatara & John Constantine.

No, I'm serious.

Yes, they're exes. With a pretty messed up history. But that's also what binds them.

Constantine set in motion events that led to Zee's father's, Giovanni "John" Zatara, death. A death she also feels some responsibility for.
But Zee is a loving, compassionate character. Over time, she forgave Constantine. For his part, he doesn't have many friends. Because...he usually gets them killed (see above). In fact, Zee & his long-time buddy Chaz may be the only ones left.
And while Constantine has a bad habit of only showing up in her life during times of crisis, she never refuses him.

John has no interest in, or patience for, 'capes'. And while Zee works with the Justice League & the occasional magic-based hero, she's never fully considered herself one of them.

Unlike most they know or work with, they understand one another. Zee can see through John's BS, & he doesn't sugarcoat anything to spare her feelings. He knows she could easily turn him into a coat rack. She knows he's a selfish pain in the ass who uses people like the matches he lights for his never-ending supply of Silk Cuts.

But Zee also knows that, if asked, John would be there for her. No matter the situation.
Oh, sure. He'd complain about it & make snarky comments while trying to get her to sleep with him again, but he'd still show up.
And she's not one to turn down a friend in need. Even one who can throw her entire life off-balance.

It's weird, it's infrequent, but it's there. Lovers to friends. John & Zee.

Day 2: Favorite Male Character: (sigh) Well, of course I'm going to say Batman. Loved the guy since childhood. Didn't really get to know him, though, until the last few years. But whether it's the live-action of my childhood, grim Bats of Miller or anything in between, it's Batman titles I buy the most, Batman action figures I have in a range of sizes...& Bob Kane art on my wall.

...although Hal Jordan & the Question run a pretty close second!

Day 1: Favorite Female Character Not fair, Shelley!! I'm terrible at picking favorite...anything. I have many & I refuse to pick just one. ...Ok, fine. I'll call it a draw.

Wonder Woman has been my hero/role model since I was, oh, I don't know, three or four? No matter how badly she's been written over the years, the idea of her (and her ideals) keep her both relevant, to me, & loved.

Zatanna What is it about a character that makes you over-identify with them? I'm not gorgeous nor do I have long, sexy legs. Ok...I also lack world-bending, innate magical skills. But who she is, what she's been through; that speaks to me.

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