Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Save Us From Reality

TV, that is.

I support the writer's strike. I'm not happy about it (the thought of no new Chuck or Pushing Daisies for...ever?....saddens me), but I understand their point(s).

So, I also support the fan campaign to show the purse-string holders how I feel.

Give the writers the four cent increase on DVD sales. After all, they wrote the words spoken by the actors, who make considerably more money. And what do the writers get?

Four cents for every twenty dollar DVD sold.

To show the PTB we (or at least, I, care), I'm willing to give the writers the raise myself.

I, and many others, are sending four pennies to:

AMPTP at 15503 Ventura Boulevard
Encino, CA

Want to get the two sides talking again (the stalling comes from the studios), and bring back your favorite SCRIPTED shows?

Dig up some pennies, and send them in.

Long live the written word!

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