Friday, September 07, 2007

Staying Up-To-Date

What's going on:

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!

Matt's taking me out tonight, to a very nice sushi place we've been unable to get into (without reservations, which we now have), what with the line leading down the front walk.


Got Heroes season 1 on DVD; have only seen the unaired pilot episode so far, but I'm very excited to re-watch and pick up on all the 'clues' I missed the first time.
Re-watching Alias, simply because I love that show.
One more episode of The Closer (for the half-season); it's been mostly good this year, with just a few 'eh' eps.


My book challenge total is now at 48; the highest I've managed to reach in the three years I've done it. Found some lovely leather-bound, hard-cover, editions of some Agatha Christie novels, which I blew through in record time (I've decided that's going to be my 'thing'; Matt has the full, hard-cover, collection of Jack Vance, so I'm going to update my Christie with hard-covers, too).

I also picked up 20+ 'important' works of literature, which I'm about to tackle. All those 'great' authors the teacher at my school never made us read. I'll probably hold off on "Of Human Bondage" for now, but I'll get to it eventually.


Just got the new Bif Naked greatest hits collection (with video DVD!); Essentially Naked. A few new songs, some remixes, too. Doesn't matter. She rocks my world.

Idle Chatter:
Happy birthday! Did you have a good time at the sushi restaurant?
Thanks, Nic!

It was...ok. I really miss the place that closed down a couple of months ago.

This one just didn't have much of an atmosphere, and wasn't as comfortable.

The sushi was ok, but not 'wow'.

Still, it was a good night out.

How are things with you?
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