Monday, May 14, 2007

Disturbing Bee-havior

Last week, I had a recurring dream.

No, not a dream, per se; rather, a recurring theme.

Practically every night/morning (usually morning, for me), I'd be dreaming about...well, whatever. And at some point, without fail, I'd suddenly find myself surrounded by bees.

Swarm of bees, no kidding.

They'd land on my clothes. They were in my hair. I could feel them sticking to me.

I don't recall ever being stung, but it was disturbing, for sure. I'd wake up in a panic, brushing the 'bees' from the blankets.

I mentioned this to Matt Friday night, and before falling asleep hoped aloud that I wouldn't dream of bees again.

I didn't.

That morning, I dreamt all my teeth fell out.

Idle Chatter:
I was always told that dreaming of teeth falling out meant that money was coming your way...so, congratulations on the windfall!
So that's where all the bees have disappeared to! In your dreams!
Caoimhe...I wish!

Maybe I can conivnce Matt to play the Powerball based on that??
Nicole...I thought the same thing!
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