Thursday, April 06, 2006

Watch it Come to Life

My yard, that is. We call this our 'Hobbit Tree', based on it's shape and sprawl. It's one of my favorite things around here.

This is a little stone-enclosed hemispere under our bedroom window. Problem is, I've completely forgotten what we planted!

These, however, seem to have planted before we moved in. There's a cute little stone circle in the backyard, with a bird bath in the center. Last month, the daffodils came out, and now? These beauties.

There are a few bushes like this in the stone circle...completely loaded with these purple flowers. Not being a botanist, I have no idea what they are. Again.

This gorgeous bloom was a casualty of Sunday's storms; I found it with a broken stem. It was so top-heavy, it's a wonder it survived at all.

More purty flowers.

Parting shot. I just love my yard!

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