Friday, March 10, 2006

Signs of Spring

Because the mid-to-uppper seventy degree weather wasn't enough of a clue...

Making appearances around the yard:

Idle Chatter:
Holy cow! We just had a mini-blizzard come through here today. Although, it isn't unusual to see with tulips covered in snow.
I know!

Practically all of our trees are budding, and we're looking at temps around eighty by early next week.

Of course, we'll only be able to enjoy this weather for a month or so; after that, the humidity kicks in and we won't be able to leave the house!

Suppose I should get the garden planted soon...
I love how fragrent the hyacinths are. We have some tulips budding, but we're expecting more snow tomorrow. Booo!
Oh, Steph...me, too!

We hit around 80 Sunday, but are looking at mid to upper fifties over the next few days.

Still, nice to see, isn't it?
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