Friday, February 10, 2006

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Home?

This was taken Wednesday night. We suddenly realized it was snowing when the two black dogs came in with a nice covering of white flakes...

This was the next morning, from our front porch. What's so amazing about this? Well, this is Knoxville, Tennessee. And at eleven in the morning, there was enough snow to cover the ground.

And of course, being the South, the local schools were closed! Sissies...

This is from the side of the porch...

And from the backyard:

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Idle Chatter:
I wouldn't mind some snow. No ice though! Luke has new snow boots and it would be a shame if he outgrew them without letting them touch some snow.
Alex doesn't have any snow-wear. Sure, he has a winter coat, but growing up in the South (sigh...) he'll never needs boots or snow suits, or sleds, poor kid.
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