Thursday, January 26, 2006

But the question should be, 'Do we really need it?'

Per Variety: Pride & Prejudice director Joe Wright has been tapped to remake the 1944 thriller Gaslight, in which a woman's suitor tries to drive her insane....

I'm sorry; I just don't think you can match the original, and I also don't think anyone should be trying.

I don't believe there are actors today capable of giving performances as good as Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

And frankly; I'm getting sick of all these remakes.

An aside: I'm also not thrilled with all these Disney 'sequels'. I just saw an add for Bambi 2. Now, that's just wrong.

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Idle Chatter:
aw Stephanie,

didncha know? It's a horror.

"Bambi 2: The Return of Mom"


"Bambi 2: Bambi's Revenge"

Oh, Laura...that's just sick and wrong.

Though I've always been pi**ed about Mrs. Bambi...cry like an itty bitty baby, every time.
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