Friday, November 04, 2005

Pick Me! Pick Me!

I knew the answer to this question...a little too easy, methinks.

Seriously; What's the top state for auto-deer collisions?

Ask just about any member of my family. Or my friends. Or people I worked with. Or the guy who worked at the now-defunct Uni-Mart. Or...you get the picture.

Idle Chatter:
It's PA of course!

Living in Oxford for a few months now, I've certainly gotten used to keeping an eye or six out for them!

...and apparently deer whistles don't work. I think I should mount a loudspeaker on my car of dogs barking, or something.
I think I'm the only person in my family who hasn't had a deer/car collision!
I've been lucky enough to never have had one. (knock wood)

I've almost hit a number of them.

And once I was riding with someone who nearly hit an elk. Can you imagine how disastrous that would have been?
No doubt!

I've been lucky, but then again, I've also been hyper-aware while driving at night.

I always knew where to look (like when coming home from Ridgway, just before you come to Keystone) for gatherings of deer.

An elk...beast V. machine? Beast wins.
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