Thursday, May 12, 2005

Just let me grab my crucifix and holy water...

Holy Terrors! There's going to be a Slayer convention, right here in Knoxville!

Scheduled to appear: Giles, Lorne, Darla, the Groosalugg, Glory, Harmony and more!

And better yet? It's right around my birthday...hmm; could be for an interesting weekend.

I've never attended a fan convention before; I'm not sure I could tolerate the crowds and psycho-fans. Still, fun to think about.

Idle Chatter:
Do it!
We'll see. While I'm a huge fan of both Buffy and Angel (and personally claim responsibility for turning at least a dozen others into) fan, I find the whole convention thing a bit...scary.

Still, it could be fun.
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