Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pardon me for breathing, which I never do any way so I don't know why I bother
to say it, oh God, I'm so depressed

Been feeling depressed lately? You might be able to blame your hometown!

Way to go, Boise! Who'd have guessed good ol' Boise would be among the happiest places to live?

And it comes as no surprise (to Pennsylvanians, at least) that Pittsburgh ranks among the most depressed cities in the country. We haven't had a winning team since the early 90's!

Idle Chatter:
I saw that earlier - St. Louis was on there. I think a lot of it has to do with traffic and getting around.
While the Pirates have had twelve straight losing seasons. The Steelers manage to almost, but not quite, get into the Super Bowl, and even the return of Lemiuex can't get the Pens a Stanley Cup.

The city lives and dies with it's sports teams...so I can understand why the people are depressed!
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