Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Down with...Chocolate!

No...no. I'll keep my chocolate, as well as my happy, married, sex-life.

Tonight, we finally got 'round to watching the film Down with Love.

Oh, I'm down with Down with Love!!!

I've long been a fan of Doris Day, and her three Rock Hudson pairings (Pillow Talk, Send Me No Flowers and Lover Come Back), so I was exactly the right audience for this film.

The spoofs were too many to count. The costumes were spot-on. The sets and lighting were absolutely authentic.

And the script? Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I really lost count of the 'hey! that's from ______ (film)'.

It's certainly not the greatest film ever made, but I'm positively in love with Down with Love!

Idle Chatter:
Wasn't it fabulous? And I don't even *know* the Doris Day films.

Ewan. Mmmmmm...

It was fab. And yes...Ewan is quite delicious.

HIs bachelor pad is a direct homage to the one Doris creates for Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk (she's quite furious with him at the time). The split screen-thing, while taken from several movies of the time, also links to Pillow Talk...Doris and Rock (as Tex), are having a slightly naughty (for the time), but not actually BAD, moment while talking to each other in the their respective bath tubs.

Oh, I love this movie!
Gasp. I LOVE Doris Day. It's a goal of mine to re-do my wardrobe with Doris-inspired clothes. Maybe I should start my own line...including Calamity Jane pieces!
Alex and I listen to her music all the time...and I just think she's one of the great actresses of all-time. She could do it all, sing, dance, act...both comedy and serious drama. She's beautiful, yet approachable. And the work she does today, with animals, just makes me want to give her a big hug!
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