Monday, August 30, 2004

The words 'bug ugly' kind of spring to mind
.-Buffy, in Teacher's Pet

Oh, this is just great.

Miss French is living between my kitchen windows.

(For those of you not among the 'hip' and 'with it', that's another Buffy reference)

One of the joys of having an older home: apparently, we have a small gap somewhere around the storm windows above the kitchen sink.

In the past, spiders would set up housekeeping...and I hate spiders.

But Saturday night? I saw a preying mantis.

A Preying Mantis!!!

We've tried different things, but we can't actually get it out. We've left the storm windows open about three inches at the bottom, hoping the stupid thing would make a break for freedom.

But, no.

The mantis appears to like living there. And I'm stuck looking at it.

Welcome to the Hellmouth.

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