Tuesday, August 24, 2004

When I Grow Up...

I want to look like

Sophia Loren.

Seriously. How amazingingly beautiful is she?

And she only gets more gorgeous with age:

For me, this is the ideal. Don't show me pictures of today's 'hot' actresses; razor-sharp shoulderblades and cheek- and collar bones just don't do it for me.

And why would a man want to be with someone like that? Wouldn't he be afraid of hurting her? I mean...when you're doing your thing...if you're doing it right, it can get a bit...animated!
In my experience, a woman with a little flesh on her, with curves, is what catches a man's eye.

I should know...curves have always been my thing.

Being healthy? Yes, I get that. Fit? Absolutely. But bird-like arms and visibly countable ribs? No, not so much.

My female form role models are women like Loren (who's seventy this year. Seventy! Can you believe it?), and Maureen O'Hara

and Racquel Welch

You know, women with Real bodies.

Ladies, we were born with hips and boobs. Learn to love 'em.

Idle Chatter:

Amen, sister...
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