Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Staring down the barrel of a Walther PPK, Part 1

The debate rages on: who will play 007 in the next James Bond flick, now that Pierce Brosnan has stated he's 'said all there is to say' about the character?

First: there's speculation Brosnan's kiss-off is a Connery-like move for more money. Hey, it worked for Sean.

Second: I'm having a much more difficult time picturing anyone taking up the mantel this time around.
After Timothy Dalton, Broccoli and Co. wanted Brosnan to play Bond. Brosnan wanted to play Bond.
The folks at Remington Steele, however, weren't going to let him out of his contract, or make things easy for him.

So, we all waited. We knew that, were the franchise to continue, an absolutely perfect Bond was waiting in the wings.

Now? While there are several actors who could realistically pull it off, not a single one of them feels as..right for the role as Pierce Brosnan.

That said, I found the following on E! Online's Watch with Kristen:

From susie_mexico: Kristin, please tell me if Lana will appear in the next season of Smallville. I need to know.
Um. Yes. I love it when you're easy. But come on people, you can do better than that...something hard...something like...exclusive scoop on who might be the next James Bond...or something.

From mishale1: Well, I don't like Bond movies, but I bet it'll be Ewan. He's great.
Yes, but so is a certain sextastic plastic surgeon. Yes, you heard me right, tubers. A reliable source tells me that Julian McMahon is meeting with Barbara Broccoli (Bond producer) this week to discuss the possibility of him playing the part. Seems he's a good candidate because (1) he's dead sexy, (2) his TV series has a short run, so his schedule is easy to work around, and (3) did I mention he's dead sexy?

From sunshinegirl89: If he does Bond will he still do Nip/Tuck?
Yes. He's under contract with Nip/Tuck, so, from what I understand, it would have to be filmed during his hiatus. And that should be fairly easy because Nip/Tuck does only a dozen or so episodes, not the usual 22. Now, mind you, this might be something of a long shot, but, personally, I can think of no one better for the role. And, personally, I can think of no one better for the role of a Bond girl than this Kristin chick who works at E! Just my professional opinion.

And while I have nothing against McMahon (or Ewan McGregor or Eric Bana or the rest of quoted possible Bonds), he just doesn't seem like a Fit.

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